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Corporate Leadership

David T Williams*


Tadaram Maradas

My Life Series

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“The Other Side of the Game,” is an excerpt of one of the many Excursions in the Life series of Tadaram Maradas. This book tells a True Autobiographical Account of a tale of Electronic Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring, in Human, Organic, Carbon Based, Life Forms, and the means in which I pursued to alleviate this activity. Many of the Names, Places, and Events are withheld or blacked out, to protect the identity, and location of each one individually and respectively. The Official documentation in this excerpt are actual documents on file, in which I have authorized release for the purposes of writing this excerpt – Tadaram Maradas. Tadaram Maradas, whose real name is David Williams is a writer and author, from, “The San Francisco Bay Area.” He is an Alum from, “Excelsior College,” in Upstate, New York, and a currently enrolled MSM Graduate Student in, “The University of Maryland Graduate School System,” at Adelphi, Maryland. He recently capped a satisfying 23 year Career in, “The United States Army” where he served in 4 Contingency Operations, which included both Combative and Non-Combative Operations. His Autobiographical, Self – Written book, “ The Other Side of the Game,” is an excerpt of one of the many Excursions that he experienced in his Life series.